Seasonality & Variation

At Juit we believe in diversity. We offer you a monthly changing selection of dishes, including seasonal dishes that are only available for a short time. Every two weeks we even offer you a completely new creation.

There are always over 40 different dishes waiting for you.

Pumpkin, mushrooms and cranberries

Autumn at Juit: Delicious dishes with seasonal ingredients.

For our seasonal autumn dishes we use local vegetables that are naturally ripe in September, October and November. The most delicious creations with pumpkin, mushrooms, onions and carrots await you. Typical autumn classics in the usual Juit style are also included.

Soon & only for a short time

Let's go

Linguine with Hokkaido-pumpkin

26/09/2022 - Linguini with Hokkaido squash and spinach


Beef ragout with cranberries

10/10/2022 - Beef stew with cranberries


Lemon mushroom-pasta

24/10/2022 - Lemon mushroom-pasta


Yes to seasonality - 5 reasons

  1. 100% real taste: the vegetable simply tastes better. Because it grows naturally, it can fully develop its flavor.

  2. More vitamins: Since the seasonal vegetables are available shortly after harvest, the vitamins are preserved as much as possible.

  3. Better for the environment: Due to short transport distances, seasonally harvested products cause less CO2 emissions.

  4. Better for agriculture: Seasonal harvesting is cost-saving. So you effectively support our farmers.

  5. Variety in the menu: Since the seasonal vegetables change from month to month, your menu automatically remains varied.


Suppliers from the region

Variety and seasonality also include regional suppliers who allow us to source the very best raw materials. Just take a look.

Our suppliers