How We Cook

Our dishes are created by our cooks and nutrition experts and hand-cooked for you. We always cook with selected ingredients and without any additives. Always fresh, no shortcuts.

Hand cooked with great ingredients

We use high quality, natural ingredients from selected suppliers - and never any flavorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers or other additives. We cook with high quality oils such as olive or rapeseed oil.


Flash freezing protects the vitamins

We cook completely without preservatives and cankeep the vitamins in the ingredients as best as possible by freezing all dishes to below -24 °C after cooking.

This way, very small ice crystals form, which protect the cell structure of the ingredients. The taste and nutrients of our meals are optimally preserved and the meals can be freshly delivered to your place of work.


Easy to prepare - in the microwave or the oven

To prepare our dishes, simply take the bowl out of the envelope, insert the heat-resistant sealing foil one time and heat the bowl together with the foil:

  • in the microwave at 800 watts for 8 minutes

  • in the oven (circulating air at 160 °, top and bottom heat at 180 °) for 40 to 45 minutes

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Our Food Team

Before a Juit dish arrives on your plate, it is designed and prepared by Annika Fuchs, Patrick Maus and Thorsten Dammert.

As a nutrition expert, Annika ensures a balanced diet with the right ingredients and nutrients. No matter if that means low carb, high protein, vegetarian or just healthy and delicious.

Patrick is our chef (and former star cook) and cooks your dishes with his team. Cleaning ingredients, cutting, stewing, frying - just like in the past, only with larger pots and pans.

Thorsten is our Head of Food. He ensures that all processes run smoothly and that we get the best suppliers and ingredients for us.